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                                         - Steve Jensen Memphis, TN USA

This Revolutionary Subliminal Messages Video Series Works INSTANTLY!

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The Intelligent Warrior 1 -- Introduction to the World's most POWERFUL Mind Control Method!

The Intelligent Warrior 2 -- Superior Technique ... possess ultimate confidence in your skills!

The Intelligent Warrior 3 -- Achieve Your Social Potential ... you'll LOVE life like never before!

The Intelligent Warrior 4 -- Aggressive Manifestation ... your new, vibrant energy conquers all that holds you back!

The Intelligent Warrior 5 -- Unstoppable Confidence ... no one can discourage you, no one can stop you, nothing stands in your way!

The Intelligent Warrior 6 -- Social Mastery For Men & Women ... you receive new power and mastery in relationships, love, and with the other sex!

The Intelligent Warrior 7 -- Manifest Money, Power, Sex & Love In 10 Hours! ... leave social anxiety behind, earn 10 times more!

These groundbreaking Subliminal Videos give you immense powers to achieve EVERYTHING in life -- money, power, happiness, sex, and success in every avenue of endeavor.

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